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Sometimes life gives us clues, signals or even knowledge that we never asked for. For many years, and I could almost say since I remember, I felt that I was different. I did not have these feelings because I thought I was special because I believe that everyone is unique in their own form. And that makes everyone special. I had these feelings because I felt I was vibrating on a different level, a different vibration than others. I felt I related more to adults than children or people of my same age. Also I had a sensitivity to prove it in many cases to myself through premonition, visualization and dreams.

My inclination for music, from an early age, was the path and vehicle that I chose and followed throughout my life to channel my vibrations and sensitivity at all times, both spiritually and physically.

Music became my best friend in life. It lifted me up many times in my darkest moments as well as pushed me to communicate with others as a professional speaker, a communicator, educator and performer.   

Vibrations, Decibels, Notes and Harmonies are so intensely related to our bodies, much more than we think. I am passionate about continuing to educate myself and then to share with others the importance of vibrating in a healthy and harmonious way on a daily basis while exploring alternative methods and practices. 

This year, I have begun a new path in my life. Many signs and situations have manifested themselves to me this past January, 2019 that have led me to make a decision to pay attention to my vibration, my calling and to the way I have been leading my life. 

While I recognize and accept the different feelings that I had from an early age, I am now dedicating my time, soul and vibration to my true path. I have begun studying alternative healing methods and practices. As a musician, I will be implementing MUSIC and SOUND Healing as one of the techniques that I will be practicing and learning as well as creating for the rest of my life.

To begin my new chosen path, I have recently become a Certified Angel Healer Practitioner. And this is just the beginning.

I will become a bridge while practicing various types of techniques, both traditional and alternative methodologies, while assisting our society and helping them to share their lives in a happier and safer environment.

As a Geriatric Specialist on Aging Studies and as a Health Care Administrator, as well as 

Musician and Performer, I am fusing my knowledge and experience with all these new techniques and philosophies to further my practice as an Energy Healer with certifications in Angel Therapy, Reiki Master and Akasha Records among others.

I am blessed, humbled and very pleased that I made this decision and have chosen to listen to my own gift, soul and vibration and by  Shaman Lila Lotus. This new path will allow me to bring peace, knowledge and guidance, while providing individuals help thru a more holistic and organic healing experience. I am just a bridge of energy and knowledge.

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  I am just a bridge of energy and knowledge