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Cutting Cords / Cortando Lazos



  Cords of attachment are energetic ties which are created between two people, or between a person and an institution, object, or past situation which remains in the present. Energetic cords are attached to fear, worry, anger, or negative feelings. Attachment cords keep old pain active. They tie you to past challenges, and keep old arguments and tensions alive and on repeat.

 The good news is, cords can be cut, pulled out, and dissolved into the light of the divine.

These cords have a way of keeping those attached in a holding pattern, where the past challenges continue to repeat into the present. 

The energy from the cord will vibrate and align with your past challenges and they repeat patterns that you'd be better off releasing and moving beyond. 

When you cut and release a cord into the light, you're no longer energetically engaged with that pattern of negativity. You will feel immediately uplifted.

When you cut the cords between you and another, consciously or unconsciously, they will feel it too, and may even reach out and contact you. 

If this is the case, establish boundaries, surround yourself with love and light and stand up for yourself so the cords don't just reattach themselves.



Los cordones de apego son lazos energéticos que se crean entre dos personas, o entre una persona y una institución, objeto o situación pasada que permanece en el presente. Los cordones energéticos están unidos al miedo, la preocupación, la ira o los sentimientos negativos. Los cordones de lazos sentimentales mantienen activo el viejo dolor. Te atan a desafíos pasados, y mantienen viejos argumentos y tensiones vivos y repitiéndose.
 Lo buenos es saber que  los cordones se pueden cortar, extraer y disolver a la luz de lo divino. Estas conexiones  tienen una manera de mantener a los que están unidos en un patrón de retención, donde los desafíos del pasado continúan repitiéndose en el presente.
La energía de estos cordones repiten patrones que serían mejor liberar y continuar avanzando.
Cuando cortas y sueltas un cordon o lazo, dejas de estar energéticamente relacionado con ese patrón de negatividad. Te sentirás inmediatamente liberado.
Cuando corta los cordones  entre usted y otra persona, consciente o inconscientemente, la otra persona también lo sentirá e incluso pueden llegar a contactarte. Si este es el caso, establece límites, rodéate de amor y luz y defiéndete para que los cables no se vuelvan a unir.

Spiritual Divorces / Divorcios Espirituales



I can help you achieve a Spiritual Divorce. 

Let’s understand that in our path we form energetic ties with the outside world through different intense experiences and connections, the connection may be with a house, with your community, with your old friends etc.

The connections usually stick on to your soul even after you lose the source.

In our relationships, the intense love gets transferred from soul to soul over a period of time. You spend many years sharing the beautiful moments, sharing memories, exchanging energy and pieces of the soul. This results in the formation of the energy cords. 

After the death of a loved one, the lost fragments and the energy cords that were formed with them will remain with the spirits for a long period of time even after they have left their physical. Thus, it delays the evolution of both the human and the spirit.

In case you experience abuse, the fragments from your soul will be ripped even against your will and it will leave you feeling violated, fragmented and split.

Over a period of time, we lose some of our own fragments and we fill in the other people’s lost and dispersed fragments in the left-over space in our soul which can affect our identity.

Our soul wants to get rid of these entanglements, but it is not at all easy to do so. During a divorce or separation, the emotions, habits which are left over with you can wreak havoc on our soul for months, years or even the entire life.

Having a tangible reminder such as a document like death certificate, divorce papers etc does not signify a spiritual separation as the memories, emotions continue to live within the energy field.

A shocking, traumatic experience such as death, abuse, abandonment or illness can cause fragmentation, thus leaving your soul broken and trapped, leaving you tied to such experiences from which you cannot find any escape whatsoever. The energetic pulls of such experiences and connections can be felt by the individuals who were affected even across the planet long after the circumstances have passed.

The memories, resentments and grief keep on playing inside our head, thus preventing us to move on and be happy. It becomes pertinent to severe the energy cords that are now of no positive use to you.

There are some common symptoms which can help you to understand the condition of your disposable soul connections better.

The Symptoms May Include:

· Inability to remember parts of your own life

· Feeling shame, guilt and/or anger

· Resistance and fear

· Having severe trust issues

· Being chronically exhausted

· Lack of energy and verve

· Constant feeling that of misplacement and disconnect

· Sudden unshakable onset of apathy or listlessness

· Feeling powerless

· Manifesting addictive behavior

· Finding no silver lining

· Being chronically depressed

· Experiencing suicidal thoughts



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