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TANGObsession About / Sobre



  • TANGObsession is a Multimedia Avant-Garde Musical, packed with Tangos, Music, Dance, Love and Passion created by HumSa Productions.
  • Through Tango music and history, this story tells us how a man can fall in love with a woman who doesn’t love him back.
  • A perfect Show for everyone, with Tangos sung in Spanish but translated into English. You will enjoy a fusion of photographs, paintings, movies and animation, all allowing the audience to follow the storyline. For the first time, enjoy Argentinean Tango dance, poetry and music under the direction of Humberto Fortuna and Creative Director, Laura Sapir.
  • Starring, international singer, Humberto Fortuna, a full Tango orchestra with Miguel Arrabal at the bandoneón with a special guest, international violinist, Crismary Garcia. Experience great dynamics with Argentinian Tango dancers showing off their kicks and tight twirls, delighting the audience with their different styles of dance, from its beginnings in the 30’s to the present, including two Tangos written by Astor Piazzolla.
  • With live instruments and singing, this show brings you the best Tango Musical ever produced in South Florida!