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 Inspirational Video of Song "To Where You Are" performed by Humberto with photography by Claudia Viviana Ishihara, Argentina.

Beneficio / Benefit 2013

Humberto Fortuna performs "Bring Him Home" from at the "Whispering Angels" Scholarship Foundation Gala at Costume World's Broadway Museum 2013. Originally sung by the character of Jean Valjeans in Les Miserables,

ART Fusion

Let Me Fall by Humberto Fortuna from Cirque de Soleil - Digital Artwork by Guillermo Manrique.

Classical Ave Maria

Humberto Fortuna sings Ave Maria - Franz Schubert with Digital Artwork by Samantha Perez -  Original paintings by Argentinian Artists: Nica Concilio, Rosa Buccafusca, Hernan Durigon. 

Unexpected CD

Preview some of the songs sung by Humberto Fortuna in his new Album Unexpected.1. Unexpected Song, 2. Bring Him Home, 3. Cry Me A River, 4. It's Impossible, 5.My Funny Valentine, 6. Alfonsina y El Mar , 7. Let me Fall, 8. My Way, 9. Broken Vow, 10.This is my Life


Check out this great videoTango Mundano Album -Humberto Fortuna - November 2014 Preview Argentinean Tango's: Fumando Espero/ Garzo/ Villadomat, Los Mareados Weisbach/Doblas/Cobian/Cadicamo, Caminito Filliberto/Penaloza, Yira Yira/ Discepolo, Esta Noche Me Emborracho/ Discepolo, Melodia de Arrabal/ Gardel/ Le Pera/ Batistella, Volver, Gardel/ Le Pera and many more...