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Scoop for Seniors Mental Stimulation Games

Bingomania Madness



This fun-and-exciting game combines entertainment trivia and bingo for a stimulating, challenging trip down memory lane! This game comes with 72 clue cards and 14 bingo cards.

Math & Riddle Bingo



Looking for something different, a game that's fun, challenging AND mentally stimulating? Math and Riddle Bingo includes 72 bingo and clue cards with riddles and math problems -- and 4 ways to reach your answer on each card! The game can be played as a bingo game or a group activity. 




This one-of-a-kind, must-have trivia book is ideal for groups and one-on-one activities. Features 30 unique and mentally stimulating quizzes, plus word games and more!





 by Humberto Fortuna.

Humberto is a professional baritone with many styles. Humberto’s passionate and emotional vocal interpretations, allow him to perform diverse music styles, from Broadway to Latin songs to even Classical Opera. He is a unique and versatile performer, making Unexpected album a true musical journey from beginning to end. Songs: Unexpected Song, Bring Him Home, Cry Me a River, It's Impossible, My Funny Valentine, Alfonsina y el Mar, Let Me Fall, My Way, Broken Vow, and This Is My Life

Tango Mundano



by Humberto Fortuna

The Tango has travelled all over the world for many decades bringing passion, music and stories to new and old Tango lovers.

El Tango viajo por todo el mundo por muchas decadas dejando pasion, musica e historias a traves de sus letras a nuevos y viejos amantes del Tango.

Songs / Canciones: Fumando Espero, Los Mareados, Caminito, Yira,Yira, 

Esta Noche Me Emborracho, Melodia De Arrabal, Volver, Por Una Cabeza, Nostalgia, Remembranza, Uno, Nada y

Cancion Desesperada



T-shirts in Medium, Large and X-Large.

Color: black only with red letters.

(out of Small size)

Serenity Serenade


 2009 Caregiver Friendly Award Winner in the Media Category

This 2009 Winning DVD is IDEAL for your residents with Alzheimer's / Dementia or cognitive impairments to enjoy.

A great combination of classical music and images for quiet moments... IDEAL for Small Facilities or groups !!!


Everything you need to Ask


 2009 Caregiver Friendly Winner!!!



STEP BY STEP GUIDANCE AND ORGANIZATION   The definitive, MUST HAVE guide for Seniors, Caregivers and Baby Boomers today and for their futures!  IN ONE DAY, the reader can select an Assisted Living Facility for themselves or for their loved one by using this guide.  With over 500 questions to ask, the reader will be assured that he or she is making the absolute, best decision.  This guide covers subjects such as Nursing, Accommodations, Licenses, Contracts, Nutrition, Activities, Safety and more.

This guide will put the reader in charge of the search so that they won’t be sold something that he or she may not need or be appropriate.  The authors, with their combined experience of over 42 years in the health care field, take you through the world of Assisted Living and make you feel as though you are “sitting down and chatting” with them in your living room.

The goal of the authors is “to educate and therefore protect” the senior  population.

Wardrove Wakeup


  In a fashion world that constantly speaks to youth, The Wardrobe Wakeup: Your Guide to Looking Fabulous at Any Age by leading fashion and beauty expert Lois Joy Johnson (Running Press; January 2013; $23.00) is an essential look book for every middle-aged woman looking for a style boost.   As a top fashion editor (and one of the founding editors of MORE magazine, where she was beauty and fashion director from 1998 to 2008), Lois has spent more than twenty years styling thousands of ordinary women, A-list models, and celebrities. The Wardrobe Wakeup packs all of her knowledge and expertise into one indispensible guide that offers hundreds of body-enhancing, closet-reviving, and money-saving tricks—straight from a fashion editor’s mouth. Inside, learn how to: Update and maintain your closet to suit your fashion needs,  Use modern (read: comfortable) shape wear to get a sleeker silhouette and wear more,  Decide which trends to embrace and which ones to ditch AND Dress for life’s big moments such as a job interview or a wedding.  . And much more!

Just a Word


 JUST A WORD Friends Encounter Alzheimer’s By Rose Lamatt

Rose Lamatt covers the progress of Alzheimer’s disease very well in her book, “Just a Word: Friends Encounter Alzheimer’s.” Lamatt spent 14 years as caregiver for a dear friend with Alzheimer’s. She helped open the first adult day care in her town, then worked as activity director for an assisted living facility. To this day she visits nursing homes keeping up her drive to make things better for the Alzheimer's victim and their caregivers. “Just a Word” is more than a book – it is a powerful and beautiful story, simply written, easily read, that will touch your heart and keep you turning the pages. It touches on subjects and feelings all of us have had at one time in our life. A must-read book!



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